A quick anecdote form my latest workshops

A quick anecdote form my latest workshops

Today was my second workshop at Scrumptious Reads in Red Hill... My student Stephanie could finally (I've been dying for the update) tell me how her daughter responded to receiving a card SHE HAD MADE FROM SCRATCH in workshop one!!!


Steph said at first she was touched because she thought her mum had bought a hand printed card from a specialist store - and then she saw Stephs reaction, and took another look - recognising her mums pendant (which was the basis for the Pattern).

So today in workshop two - we built on the skills we had learnt last week, and Steph chose an image to linocut into a wall image (as a gift for her friend)...

Here are some work-in-progress shots...

 and the final image - hand coloured by Steph using Liquitex Acrylic Ink!

Not too shabby for a first go!

Next week we continue with Fabric printing - having fun with either a tote bag or tea towel - and printing a repeating pattern!

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